Here are 30+ features to keep you calm and focused

Self-organization over control, and transparency over bureaucracy. See the features designed in those values in mind.

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Work as a team

With Scrum Mate, teams have complete ownership of their processes. They can work on many objectives parallelly.

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Customize the board to fit your needs

Add or rearrange the columns of a board at any time. Simply add, drag and drop. No need for complicated configuration pages.

Mark a story card as ready or blocked

Mark a card as ready when it can be moved to the next column or blocked when it needs special attention.

Scrum and/or Kanban

Use your preferred framework without limitations. You can run Scrum sprints or follow a Kanban flow interchangeably.

Calendar view

Get a visual overview of all the stories and tasks with a due date.

Who is working on what?

Get added transparency by clicking on a profile photo to see what stories are team members involved in.

Pull work from projects

We made it easy to pull work from the top of the backlog without leaving the team’s workspace.