Scrum Mate

The agile tool for people

Scrum Mate is the agile tool that brings developers, business people and creatives onto the same platform

What makes scrum mate different?


Unlike basic task management tools, Scrum Mate provides the Scrum and Kanban tools out of the box.

Lightweight & practical

Unlike to enterprise grade issue-trackers, Scrum Mate is to help collaboration not to enforce process regulations.

Beyond software development

In addition to most agile tools, Scrum Mate not only assists the software-industry, but is suitable for many domains.

Tools for agile teams


to help long-term planning

Built for product owners to collect, organize and prioritize future work. You can use your own naming conventions. No constraints, no built-in types. Backlog allows you to

  • Collect related stories into groups
  • Capture your unique aspects with tags
  • Divide the backlog into manageable segments
Lydia Lovell
"Scrum Mate has aided in a shift in our technology team’s operational and strategic philosophy. We used to largely see day-to-day tasks as singular work items. Now by tracking, logging, and collaborating on tasks within larger stories, we can see them as larger project arcs. Scrum Mate has been invaluable not only as a tool, but also as a medium that helps our team visualize tasks, goals, and accomplishments every day."
Lydia Lovell
Manager, Equipment & AV Services
Graduate School of Journalism | City University of New York


to manage ongoing work

Work with your own process using boards


Create a Kanban Flow

Build a continuous delivery process without interrupting your flow. Limit work in progress.

Run a Scrum Sprint

Develop a sprint plan and run time-boxed iterations. Track team progresses against the plan.

Have multiple boards

Create multiple delivery streams via multiple boards. Use Scrum or Kanban, or both.

Import boards from Trello

Trello + Scrum Mate

Do you have Trello boards? You can copy your boards to Scrum Mate and continue working with your team within a few minutes.

Steve Novak
"Scrum Mate is by far my favorite agile management tool. It takes no more than a few minutes to set up a new project and a new team. So, we can focus on creating value instead of implementing a management solution. Scrum Mate can easily keep up with the evolution of our clients, it can be scaled up to 50-100 members."
Steve Novak
Independent Agile Coach, SoftwArt Ltd.

Cards & documents

to collect information

Everything gathered onto one page. Rich description, tasks, conversations, attached documents in sync. Integrated with industry standard platforms.

  • Rich descriptions
  • Conversations
  • Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive documents
Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive
Scrum Mate card with cover image
Istvan Fellegi
"We use agile methods for our entire development and support processes. Some of our teams provide services for multiple clients. In order to set up clear priorities, we collect all deliverables into a single backlog which is segmented by clients and projects. We can be agile in a more traditional environment."
Istvan Fellegi
CIO, Futurion Ltd.


to track progress

Scrum Mate provides you with the common agile charts for Scrum and Kanban. You can measure your team’s progress in story points, remaining work or items counts.

  • Burn-down and cumulative flow charts
  • Weekly delivery rate
  • Logged work report
  • Export to Microsoft Excel
Velocity report
Csaba Mester
"Scrum Mate made our transition to agile methods much simpler. Setting up a backlog, and a simple board took only a few minutes. As our processes evolved, Scrum Mate could easily keep up with it. The product backlog management capabilities of Scrum Mate are exceptional."
Csaba Mester
CEO, Evolution Consulting Ltd.

Events and notifications

to stay in the loop

When anything happens in Scrum Mate, you can stay up-to-date. Actions performed on tasks, user stories, boards, and backlogs are tracked. Scrum Mate will notify you, if you wish. Learn more about Slack and Scrum Mate integration.

  • Browse the activity list to catch up
  • Get notified if something important happens
  • Receive notifications in Slack
Scrum Mate + Slack

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