Scrum Mate helps agile organizations to overcome the challenges of working and managing multiple projects or clients

Agile teams are accustomed to tackling projects in all kinds of business environments – some less than ideal than others.

How does it work?

Scrum Mate allows you to transform complex environments into neat ecosystems where agile teams can succeed.

Complete visibility of work

Start with a simple list of deliverables and goals, and make priorities explicit.

To focus your teams' attention on the most valuable work, build a list of deliverables that needs to get done. With the complete list of work at hand, make priorities explicit by sorting your backlog by implementation order.

For project- and product owners, Scrum Mate provides a powerful, yet simple, backlog management tool to aid in the collection, organization, and prioritization of stories.


Unleash the potential of agile teams

Build your organization around motivated, self-organizing teams.

Self-organizing agile teams are the most knowledgeable and apt to solve complex problems, so give them the autonomy they deserve. With Scrum Mate, agile teams own their own workspace where they can manage the work originated from one or many projects.


Scrum Mate provides a flexible board for every agile team where they can implement their own preferred process based on Scrum or Kanban frameworks.

Let teams pull work from projects

Business people decide what's important while teams select the work they can commit to.

Pushing too much work to teams at once can create chaos and confusion. Implement a mechanism that helps teams to keep a manageable work volume in proportion to their capacity.

Board + Planbox

Scrum Mate's provides a powerful toolset to implement a pull system that works across teams and multiple projects.

Transparency for the business

As teams deserve autonomy, business stakeholders deserve absolute transparency.

In Scrum Mate, everything is in full view. The autonomy of agile teams doesn't deprive business stakeholders of getting honesty and full transparency over the progress of work items related to their projects.

Stakeholders have the possibility of following work progress in their projects without the need of belonging to a team.

Backlog with On Board section
Empty story card

Simplicity in administration

Tools are meant to provide information, not to build bureaucracy.

An agile tool should provide the possibility to record information to help project administration, but not to the expense of slowing teams down. Scrum Mates starts with the simplest form possible for data collection to keep administration at the minimum level. We want to keep things simple but you can always add other measuring details if you need to.

Analytics for decision-making

The right data and information help teams to make the right decisions to achieve their goals.

Scrum Mate provides you with useful insights to help identify trends, review progress in projects, and have visual reports to present to others.

Velocity report

Integration for seamless collaboration

Scrum Mate is designed to help you implement an effective value delivery model with agile teams. Together with other great platforms, your teams can become unstoppable. Attach documents from cloud platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Onedrive. Also, you can improve communication by integrating messaging platforms like Slack or Google Hangouts Chat.

Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive, Slack, Google Hangouts Chat

Are you a Trello user?
Import your Trello boards into Scrum Mate with a few clicks and continue working on your projects with your team without friction.

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