Manage multiple projects with agile teams

Scrum Mate adds flexibility to the powerful toolset of Scrum and Kanban in order to meet the needs of organizations working on multiple projects.

Manage multiple projects
Distribute work across teams

Combine multiple projects into one team board

Even with multiple projects across multiple clients, easily collect all your team's tasks into a single workflow. Allow the freedom for each team to apply their preferred framework Scrum or Kanban.

Distribute project work across teams

Whether it's marketing, development, or design, invite any teams to contribute and collaborate on one project. You'll get a unified, real-time overview of the entire project as teams update tasks on their own boards.

Distribute work across teams

Improve client relationships by aligning on priorities

Build a constructive relationship with your clients based on transparency and clear priority. Collect and organize all tasks in a shared project backlog and work in close collaboration with your clients.

Improve client relationships
Jennifer Fanto
Senior Product Manager

Not only is Scrummate a well-designed and easy to use Kanban tool, the development team provides service and support unlike any I've ever experienced. They are responsive both to customer questions/support needs as well as open to discussing and implementing upgrade recommendations from their users.

All the standard agile toolset

...and all the standard agile toolset you expect

Work in a Kanban flow or run in Scrum sprints with a flexible, and lightweight board. Gather and prioritize product requirements with a simple and powerful backlog tool. Track progress with burndown charts and cummulative flow chart.

On iOS and Web

On iOS and Web

With real-time sync across platforms, to keep your people sync. Android coming soon...

Download on the App Store
Judit Halász
Senior Project Manager

ScrumMate is simply the best tool for agile management. We tried quite a few different Scrum tools, but ScrumMate is by far the best and most easy to use. It's clean UI and functionality is on point and it's free of any unnecessary additions. Installation is easy and doesn't require long setups. It's very easy to train and involve new team members. Another huge plus is that it is under constant development, and we receive updates regularly :)

One account

Different organizations, different subscriptions… one same account

Even if you're working across different organizations, you don't have to switch between accounts - one account is all you need to access all your tasks on Scrum Mate.

Spend less time on timesheets

Does filling in and organizing a timesheet eat up your workday? Scrum Mate simplifies task time tracking, progress monitoring, and meeting log targets so you don't lose valuable billable hours.

Spend less time on timesheets
Steve Novak
Agile Coach

Scrum Mate is by far my favorite agile management tool. It takes no more than a few minutes to set up a new project and a new team. So we can focus on creating value instead of implementing a management solution. Scrum Mate can easily keep up with the evolution of our clients, it can be scaled up to 50-100 members.

Integrate with your other tools

Embed Scrum Mate into your workflow with built-in integrations or build your own custom integration using our public API.