Tools don’t make Agile

Scrum Mate helps agile teams to unleash their potential by empowering their autonomy.

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Scrum Mate

Teams. Goals. Flow.

We built Scrum Mate from the ground up to meet the needs of modern agile organizations. Instead of enforcing processes, we believe in empowering teams, establishing clear priorities and enabling a smooth workflow.


Let teams define their own processes and manage their work on a single board even when they handle multiple projects.

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We respect Jira and understand why it’s the number one choice of large enterprises. However, Jira fosters a bureaucratic approach of project administration that adds complexity and may not work for the specific needs of nimble organizations. Scrum Mate is a lightweight tool that was built to be agile from the ground up with a focus on simplicity and adaptability.


Get a clear overview of what needs to get done. Collect and prioritize all the required work to deliver a project or succeed in an initiative.

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Trello is a brilliantly simple and handy tool. However, when you need to collect, organize and track the progress of multiple projects across multiple teams, you’ll probably need more than boards.


Connect teams and goals in any setup. Let a team focus on a single development, or work on multiple projects. Allow teams to pull work from the goals’ backlogs and implement them using their preferred agile method - Scrum or Kanban.


Kudos to Asana. It is a well-designed, and great general-purpose productivity tool. However, it may not be ideal when your team needs a unified view of work originated from more projects, or you have more teams working on a single project. Scrum Mate accommodates various ways of working with teams and multiple projects, and it also comes with out-of-the-box support for Scrum and Kanban frameworks.

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Embed Scrum Mate into your workflow with built-in integrations or build your own custom integration using our public API.