Agile tool for fast-moving teams

Scrum Mate helps organizations to align an agile mindset with the messy reality of day to day projects

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Scrum Mate

Available for Web and iOS

Create plans on your desktop and have the freedom to manage work on the go

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Visualize work on team boards

  • Manage work from many projects on a single team board
  • Work with Scrum Sprints or Kanban flow
  • Display stories with due dates on a calendar view
Team boards
Work on stories from multiple projects
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Scrum Mate is ideal for creative, empowered agile teams and encourages a collaborative, solution-oriented mindset. Scrum Mate thrives in making project administration painless. In contrast, Jira fosters a more bureaucratic mentality and is more suitable for teams working in a highly regulated environment with prescribed processes.

Plan and track projects with backlogs

  • Gather all the work contributing to the same goal in a project backlog
  • Group related stories to keep the backlog uncluttered
  • Easily create plans by visualizing planning horizons
Collect all related work in a backlog
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We highly respect Trello, and actually, Scrum Mate and Trello have a lot in common. But, Scrum Mate was built especially for agile teams to manage projects and offers many extra capabilities out-of-the-box to achieve that goal. Estimations, agile charts, and the backlog, to name a few.

Connect projects and team boards flexibly

  • Utilize more than one team board to deliver a project
  • Manage work from many projects on a single team board
  • Pull work from backlogs to boards
Projects & teamboards
Connect many team boards to a project

Scrum Mate provides you with greater flexibility in organizing work across teams and projects. Not only can you manage many projects with a single team, but you can also involve other teams to contribute to a single project.

Depict projects, modules or clients with hierarchical topics

  • Organize related stories into hierarchical topics
  • Assign many attributes to stories with tags
  • Easily filter cards and stories by their properties
Topics and tags
Organize work into hierarchical topics

Scrum Mate is simply the best tool for agile management. We tried quite a few different Scrum tools, but Scrum Mate is by far the best and most easy to use. It's clean UI and functionality is on point and it's free of any unnecessary additions. Installation is easy and doesn't require long setups. It's very easy to train and involve new team members. Another huge plus is that it is under constant development, and we receive updates regularly :)

Judit Halász

Answer the most important questions with reports

  • What's the delivery frequency and throughput?
  • How much work was invested in a project or module?
  • How is the sprint going?
  • How is the flow going across stages?
Check progress with agile charts

Integrate with your other tools

Embed Scrum Mate into your workflow with built-in integrations or build your own custom integration using our public API.