2019 Summer Updates

From the beach to the sandbox, we've been working on improving Scrum Mate this summer and we added new features that we hope you will find handy. Let's catch up on the most recent improvements that we've included!

New report: how many story cards are delivered per week?

You can analyze your project's delivery rate based on the number of story cards delivered in the past. This provides you a simple performance measurement method without estimations.

From now on, the delivery rate report is also available for teams.

Team delivery rate report

Add multiple stories or tasks by pasting them from any text

Sometimes you write or receive memos containing a list of tasks or larger work items. Now, you can copy text from documents and paste each paragraph or list item as a separate story or task into Scrum Mate.

Add multiple stories

Create tasks or stories from a selected part of the story description

The description field of the story card became the perfect place to perform the decomposition of a story. Select any part of the description and create separate tasks or user stories from its paragraphs.

Extract stories

When you create new stories from the paragraphs, they will be immediately converted into links to the newly created stories.

Assigning members to tasks just got easier

Now you can add somebody (especially yourself) to a new task quicker. When you enter the name of a new task, type in the @ character in the task input field. Keep typing to narrow the list of the users and select the user you want to assign.

Task quick assign

One more tip: you are always the first in the list. If you want to assign yourself to a new task, just type in @ and press enter.

Use filters in the calendar view

We introduced the ability to filter the team calendar view just like you do it on the board. To make it easier to navigate your calendar items, you can now filter to cards that are tagged with a particular tag, belong to a topic, or are assigned to a team member.

Calendar filter

We hope you find these updates useful and that they improve your experience with Scrum Mate.

Published on July 24, 2019

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