Scrum Mate update - June 2021.

We’re super excited to announce a new, more modern look for Scrum Mate!

Dark mode

We’ve made several improvements, but the game-changer is the much-requested dark mode!

Switch to dark mode

Go to your profile menu and click “Switch to dark mode”.

Board in dark mode

And voilà – you’re on the dark side of the Force.

Add stories in between cards on boards

You can add new cards on the board wherever you wish. Just hover over the space between two cards in a column and click “Add story”.

Add a new story anywhere on the board

Checkboxes to select backlog items

You can select backlog items more easily with checkboxes.

Checkboxes in the backlog

You also have a handy counter at the top (to keep track of your selected items) and a convenient “Clear selection” option.

New “On board” section in the project view

On board section

If you have multiple team boards connected to a project, the “On board” section will show the content of each board in a separate tab.

Navigate to board

You can quickly navigate to a connected board by clicking on the arrow icon at the top-right corner of the board tab.

New sprint bar

When your team is running a Scrum sprint, you’ll have a neat row of dates of the sprint, and you can edit and finish it right there. Plus, we’ve gone for a more intuitive sprint icon!

New sprint bar

There are other little changes you’ll notice but these are the ones we wanted you to be aware of before we hit you with our new look 😎 (nothing radical, don’t worry).

Published on June 24, 2021

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