Painless timesheet for agile teams

We know that timesheets are a headache for most creative agencies, so we developed an approach that helps organizations to achieve timesheet compliance while making work administration effortless for team members.

What do we mean?

Automating the process of logging your time to keep you from having to worry about yet another administrative task.

We do not think that automation should be achieved by installing tools that sneak into your operating system and monitor all your activities on your computer.

Hence, we created an automatic time tracking approach that treats team members as human beings, not robots.

Our approach is based on two main premises:

  • Time tracking shouldn’t be used as a weapon to exercise control over team members. It should merely serve the purpose of collecting data that helps businesses to allocate expenses across various activities and projects.
  • We recognize that the effort spent on creative work can’t be measured by simply tracking time spent in front of a computer, therefore it can’t be fully automated, and needs a bit of human touch.

The work log assistant

The work log assistant uses the data of the activities you perform on the team board, story cards, and tasks.

Once it gathers information about your activities, the assistant provides a handful of services for you to make work logging painless.

A reminder of your work history

This feature makes sure that you don’t miss out on or forget anything. The assistant presents a list of all the cards you opened on a day and helps you remember what you have been working on. You can access that information for the current day and up to 30 days back in time.

Work log list

You can easily add work logs to any of the listed cards by manually entering the time spent on them.

Meeting work log targets

Many agencies expect team members to record a minimum amount of logged work on each workday. The work log assistant helps team members to achieve this goal by providing real-time information about their actual logged work compared to the set daily target.

Work log target

Semi-automated work logging

This feature makes work logging even easier. If you update the status of the tasks you work on regularly, the assistant provides you with a great bonus: a prefilled work log calculation for the day.

Work log assistant

Based on your interactions with the story cards (when you open one, comment, or update it), Scrum Mate will suggest the amount of time you spent on it. And, it will automatically prefill your work logs with that calculation. You can always add your human touch by adjusting the data manually to make it more precise.

Have full control over your work logs

It’s not just about recording work logs, Scrum Mate also makes it easier for you to manage them.

You can get full control over your work logs through the ‘My Work Logs’ page: find an overview of all your work log data in a calendar view, select dates, or date ranges, and review all the tasks you logged work on.

My work logs

Work logs are just a fraction of Scrum Mate’s capabilities.

We strive on building handy solutions for agile organizations to manage work effectively without overcomplicating administration.

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Published on November 18, 2020

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