Agile teams use Scrum Mate to make self-organization easy and effective

Scrum Mate integration with Slack notifies your team members of personal messages and publish board and backlog events to a specified Slack channel.

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Transparency. Communication.

Scrum Mate is designed to provide teams with a clear picture of what needs to be done, who should do it, and what we have already achieved. With Slack Scrum Mate integration, teams can use Slack as a unified communication channel for project status updates and personal interactions.

My notifications

There are several events in Scrum Mate that may deserve your attention. You can choose to receive those notifications via Slack direct message. Here are the events that will trigger a direct message if you want.

  • Someone assigns you to a user story or task
  • Someone mentions you in a comment
  • A sprint has been started or stopped
  • Someone modifies a user story you are subscribed to
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Project journal

Team members can stay up to date on activities performed on any board or in any backlog. By forwarding the activity logs to a Slack channel, you can gather all events into one place. Here are some of the events Scrum Mate can forward to your team channel when someone:

  • Created or deleted a story or task
  • Changed the status of a story or task
  • Commented a story or task
  • Updated the description, name or estimated effort of a story or task
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